No 3 (2016)

Table of Contents


A Word of Welcome From the Editor-in-Chief PDF
Volodymyr Morenets v–viii


Dancing with Knives: American Cold War Ideology in the Dances of West Side Story PDF
Daniel Belgrad, Ying Zhu 1–22
Ideology and Religion PDF
Cyril Hovorun 23–35
Soviet Ideology in Workers’ Memoirs of the 1920s–1930s (A Case Study of John Scott’s and Borys Weide’s Memoirs) PDF
Oksana Klymenko 37–55
A Trial in Absentia: Purifying National Historical Narratives in Russia PDF
Olga Bertelsen 57–87
Ideologies of the Self: Constructing the Modern Ukrainian Subject in the Other’s Modernity PDF
Roman Horbyk 89–103
Orthodox Christian Biblical Studies in Pursuit of Identity: The Role and Impact of Personal Research Practices PDF
Sergiy Golovashchenko 105–121
Eastern Christian Churches Between State and Society: An Overview of the Religious Landscape in Ukraine (1989–2014) PDF
Natalia Shlikhta 123–142
The Artist’s Longing and Belonging: Cultural Sensitivity in Yurii Kosach’s Narratives PDF
Olga Poliukhovych 143–159
Found in Translation: Vasyl Stus and Rudyard Kipling’s “If” PDF
Roman Veretelnyk 161–186
Quixotic Imagery in Ideological Mythmaking PDF
Oleksandr Pronkevych 187–196
The Politics of Memory in Ukraine in 2014: Removal of the Soviet Cultural Legacy and Euromaidan Commemorations PDF
Andriy Liubarets 197–214


A Selfie with Two Books on Humanism and Ideology PDF
Martha Bohachevsky-Chomiak 215–221


Tertium non datur. Problema kulturnoi identychnosti v literaturno-filosofskomu dyskursi XIX–XXI st. [Tertium Non Datur: Issues of Cultural Identity in Literary-Philosophical Discourse of the 19th and 21st Centuries], ed. Volodymyr Morenets PDF
Lyudmyla Zaporozhtseva 223–225
Istoriia radianskoho suspilstva: Kurs lektsii [The History of Soviet Society: A Course of Lectures] by Natalia Shlikhta PDF
Maria Melenchuk 227–229
Why Humans Matter (The 4th Revolution: How the Infosphere is Reshaping Human Reality by Luciano Floridi) PDF
Sheldon Richmond 231–235
Meta-Ecclesiology: Chronicles on Church Awareness by Cyril Hovorun PDF
Olena Chemodanova 237–240