Nechui’s Aesthetic Code: Repetition, Pacing, and Non-Purposeful Narration


  • Maxim Tarnawsky University of Toronto, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Canada



Realism, narrative, storytelling, repetition, plot structure


Traditional and modernist comments on the mechanics of Nechui’s prose style are largely critical, focusing on what are assumed to be errors or infelicities in writing. This article examines these presumed errors and proceeds to focus on three central quali­ties of Nechui’s writing: repetition, pacing, and the absence of purposeful construction. The intention here is not to make judgments about the strengths and weaknesses of his writing but rather to point out its essential features. Two central features of Nechui’s writing that are explored are deliberate repetition and non-purposeful plot structure.


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